grandpa died. 2 heirs willing to split house and land worth <$200,000. is PROBATE necessary?

no will available. no grandma. grandpa was alone. house in Arkansas. We are in California. selling house in AR, have buyers, buyers got loan approved, then a lawyer or the underwriter of loan says it needs to go to probate. All debts were paid or cleared by us 2 years ago. Lawyer tells buyer not to pay us the rent anymore (going on 5 months now) and we need that rent to pay the mortgage the house in AR has. Then they say we need a rep for us in AR because we live in CA. Papers to ok sale by a judge get signed. Now we are still waiting for the rep to get bonded so he can act in our place to sell house in AR. Why couldn’t we just sell the house to the people. All debts paid. and the current mortgage gets paid off when the house closes. House was in grandpa’s name. But we have been paying the mortgage for 2 1/2 yrs now. Just don’t understand why there is such a long delay and probate fees to pay. We will barely break even with the repairs we already paid for on the house in AR.

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