Grad school? Continue working? Military + grad school?

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Long story short, I started my collegiate career in hopes of becoming an airline pilot and incurred significant debt $ 100k. I got a great paying job out of college now making $ 50k. However, I hate it and it stresses me out that I no longer have a goal/objective to work toward. The only thing I do know is that I don’t want to sit in a cubicle all day as a business analyst. Ultimately, I’d like to go back to school full time (Graduate School)…this would provide the opportunity to pursue other “interests”. I would be much more inclined to be a professor, high school teacher, or continue pursuing flying. Being a cubicle jockey doesn’t put me anywhere near where I want to be.
The catch is that my current job does a great job of allowing me to make my $ 1,200 student loan payments. I don’t want to waste ten years of my life in a job/career I don’t like just to pay my loans.

Any ideas how to have my cake and eat it too…pursue something more meaningful than a cubicle job but still have the means to pay my loans??

My thoughts are: Join the air national guard $ 20k enlistment bonus, they’ll also pay $ 20k in federal student loans…that’s 40k off my bottom line. Go to grad school full time while in the guard. Pursue a teaching or professor job later on and still be able to stick around aviation a bit.


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