Gov’t Funding for cancer patients?

Since my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, she has been unable to work (01/06/2008). It was right before her diagnosis has been established and collecting unemployment. But with chemotherapy, they did not have the energy to look for work, so we get those checks angehalten.Für past two weeks, she found a job in the mortgage lending industry (loan underwriter) and came home crying. She was so stressed and could not work. She was so tired and had trouble thinking. Then she gave her notice and they told him to just take yourself just to sorgen.Ihr oncologist, she would have a difficult time, and is happy to hear that does not work. I wonder if they can collect social security or disability. Her oncologist said that the government not as a battle against cancer, a claim that honor. Is this true and how social security? If her oncologist fill the forms?

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