Good mortgage company in Seattle area?

Looking for a good mortgage company in the seattle area need a 500k loan!

I want to buy a condo for $ 200K in seattle. Down pay $ 50K and get a loan on the rest. I want to move before I get a job there so its gonna be tougher to get a loan at a fair enough interest rate. I heard they are very picky about giving out loans these days. I was wondering if it would be easier if I had someone cosign for me.
i should add, i am currently unemployed.
Thanks for all your responses! I just wanted to add a question. The reason I was thinking of buying is because the home prices are going down and so I wanted to take this opportunity to invest. Rent for a one bedroom in Seattle is about $ 900-$ 1000 and the monthly mortgage payment is just a little bit more than that. So I thought I’d be saving in the long run. What do you think?

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