Good Day, Should I pay points on a refinance of an investment property/condo?

I currently own $ 141,000 and have a rate of 6.875% on a 30 year mortgage. I have owed the condo for 1.5 years and have been making principal payments of $ 100.00 each month. BAE mortgage quoted me 5.71 APR to refinance into a 30 year. If I wrap the closing costs into the load the new loan will be $ 145,900. I have been asked to pay closing costs of $ 4,422. Is this a good deal? Thank you.

141,190.00 Existing Liens to Be Paid Off $ 828.40 First Lien P&I
————- Debts to Be Paid Off ————- Second Lien P&I
$ 4,422.75 Estimated Closing Costs $ 146.62 Taxes
$ 1,476.05 Estimated Prepaid Items/Reserves ————- Hazard Insurance
————- Financed PMI/FHA/VA Funding Fee ————- Mortgage Insurance
————- No Cost HELOC Fees Paid By Lender ————- HOA Dues
————- Lender Credit ————- Other
$ (145,900.00) New Base Financing

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