Going to court over a collection agency?

I filed a small claims lawsuit against Midland Credit Management for 5,000.00. 1) when I received their letter, I immediately requested Validation. They never responded. Approx. 40 days later (during the time I was in the process of buying a home) this derogitory account appeared on my credit report. Dropped my score 49 points from 699 to 650. Because of this, It changed the structure of my loan causing me to pay an Higher APR. I have written 9 letter, 4 certified mail, Still they have never contacted me. I disputed the account it came back verified. They are illegally reporting on my credit report, failed to validate and now this is going to cost my $ 34,000.00 over the life of the loan because of this bogus account. I have a letter from the Mortgage company explaining that because of this derogitory account, I am now paying more for my home loan. I go to court August 4, anything I should be aware of?
The intial letter stated that they had recently purchased the debt and were offering a 40% deduction off the amount if I paid by a certain time. As far as “is the debt mine?” No debt belongs to anyone until its validated” =0)

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