Getting loan through a Mortgage Company my dad works at, fiance says she doesn’t want him knowing her info?

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, and I would really appreciate some advice here.

My father works for a mortgage company. Due to the law, he can’t do my mortgage loan (understandable). However, I still want to get it through his company. One of my dad’s co-workers, who he said is great at his job and is his #1 recommendation, will be doing the loan.

Well my fiance says to me “I’m not comfortable with your father knowing how much money I make (W2) or what is in my bank account.”

I don’t know how to tell my dad this, because he is ALSO our realtor.

It’s not as if we aren’t close to our families either. Both of us have VERY tight-knit families, so it’s not as if we aren’t close, together, etc.

Obviously she has the right to her privacy, but do you think she’s being a little “untrustworthy” and over the edge by requesting my dad not see any of our information? My dad is trying to help us get a loan and a house here, not hurt us.

This is my father we’re talking about. I’m like honey, this is your future father-in-law (in 2 months), if you can trust me, you can trust him. She said the only way she will do the loan through my father’s company is if she can seal the envelope.

I understand I was a little rude to her, but honestly it hurt me to think that she didn’t trust my dad. Please tell me which one of us is being unreasonable.

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