Getting approved for Financial Aid (FAFSA)?

Hello, I want to know how I can improve my chances of getting a student loan.

I am currently attending a community college but I want to go to a higher educational institute of my choice. I am a dependent, so my parents are currently supporting my financial needs, but they do not want to send me to a higher university. Therefore, I want to pull out a loan so I can continue my education. Since I am dependent off my parents, it affects my financial aid. Also, I cannot get any other co-signer, and I do not have a credit history.

Is there anything I can do to alter my FAFSA so I can maximize the amount of Financial Aid I can receive? For example, there is a question on the FAFSA that says if you are living with your parents. I am currently living with my parents, but I was told that I can mark “No” on it because it would assume you are not living with your parents during the time you are on Financial Aid.

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