Get out of debt consolidation loans ( student loans and personal loans from dad)How ???!?

OK so a short back history to help you see where I am with my debt.

– 10k in Student loans(way behind payments because they don’t seem to get the money?..

– 3 K – Dad- helping me get passed my troubled years of trying to make it on my own and failing…

-3 K for a loan taken out by my boyfriend so we could move..out of state.. this is not due yet but will be soon.

I also have a car about 15K (in my dads name ) this is not a must to have a Consolidation loan for but I would like to add it in that is current on payments but I would like to pay it off with a loan that I can repay with out it being in his name as he would like it no longer to be after this year.
I have been at my job for 5 months now that I have moved and I make enough to have a few hundred per month in loan payments but I want to clear it all up with one new loan so im not “behind”

Every one seems to know something about helping with debt but I don’t have any credit card debt … I need to know how to Take out a loan to fix this SO I can have the car in my name.. and pay off my student loans with a company that dose not jerk me around so I can handle it.

If any one has any insight on this issue I would REALLY REALLY be thankful for your help.

Thank you

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