Get a loan and use house as colatteral?

I lived with my grandma for years, but in November she passed away. She left me her house. My dad moved in because of issues he was having and we do not get along what so ever due to the fact that he thinks he runs everything. I lost my job and currently get unemployment. All I owe in taxes on the house is 45 dollars. I would never sell it, but I really wanna see about getting a loan for 3,500. I wouldn’t wanna go overboard I feel like this is a reasonable amount I can definitely pay back. I would like to get this loan to move out of the area and get an apartment on my own because I can’t find a job in this small town. I have no idea about how to do this. When I get my taxes my grandmas name is still on it but my name is below it in parenteses. Someone told me that I probably need to get a copy of her death certificate to take to the courthouse to get a copy of the deed. My dad knows nothing about this. I’m 21 years old and the house was left to me, however I still do not want him to know about it so I was wondering if someone has to come to your house to take pictures of it before I can get a loan. I’m not sure if you would need an appraisal for such a small loan. And I do not have a bank account, I currently can’t get one. And no I’m not gonna kick my dad out the house and no I won’t sell it. And I dont wanna wait to move saving up is not the option right now. My mom thinks its a good idea, theres nothing in this area. I plan on moving to atlanta with a friend.
Ok the house is paid for nothing is owed on it. I just have property taxes that are very cheap. Noones ever got a morgage out on the house thats all I know. I do know I gotta get the deed in just my name and I will be doing that soon. As far as why my dad can’t know? I don’t feel like I should explain that all that matters is that the house is mine and we dont get along so great. As far as why don’t I get a minimum wage job flippin burgers??? ummmmm why would I do that if I get unemployment and I get more on that than I would working a minimum wage job. I’m a nurse aide and need to find somthing in that field theres nothing around here. I’m not having problems making it right now, I pay my bills on time. Why I wanna move is noones business thats got nothing to do with my qustion. And as far as my vocabulary???? that has nothing to do with anything so thats pretty effin retarded I’ll talk/type how I want to!

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