Would u sue your landlord if this happened to you?

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    my husband has an agreement with our landlord that he will work for him to pay off the water and trash bills throughout the remainder of our lease. And when we found out that Marty hadnt paid the water bill for 3 months in March, we contacted the city and they made him pay it. Well Marty came over and offered us an agreement to credit us for over payment in rent to avoid being sued. Our lease states that our rent is $ 1000 a month from September 2008 until June 30th 2009. It also states that (because previous tenants had messed up the place and left their furniture behind) that as long as the previous tenants belongings are on the premoses, our rent will be reduced to $ 500 until the stuff is removed. It also states in the lease that my husband would help Marty clean up and move the furniture and make small repairs to the home. When it came time to pay my husband , Marty came up with some revisions to the lease that would apply the money he owes us to the water and trash bills til the en
    My husband and I moved into this townhouse in late September 2008. It was actually 2 days before I was due to have our baby. Well when we signed the lease we looked at the place again with the landlord and agreed with him that my husband would help him move the previous tenants furniture (there was ALOT) and help the landlord clean the place. we felt sorry for him because he had given us a sob story about how he let Rodney (previous tenant) and his family move in without a security deposit and no rent and how they hadnt paid in 2 months. We Marty (the landlord) kept telling us for weeks that Rodneys stuff was out and that he only had to clean the place. Well that wasnt true when we went to sign the lease. Seeing as though we had only days left in our other apartment (we already gave a 30 day notice) and were only days away from having a baby, we agreed to have my husband work for Marty to move the furniture and clean up the place. So thats what my husband did.
    Well Marty ripped ot the ceiling and left it like that for months. We called him several times to get him to fix it but he kept saying that he was broke. The roof leaked water when it rained. Called Marty and he said to get some buckets for the night and he would be there the next day to patch up the roof. Never came. Ok more things happened after that too. but just giving u some of what we have been dealing with. And we wouldve moved but Marty threatened to sue us for the remaining months on our lease if we did.

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