Will you pay for your daughter's wedding??

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    This issue was brought up recently because a friend of mine’s daughter is about to get married. We were sitting around talking and someone had the opinion, “Yes I would give them “X” amount of money but I would not pay for an entire expensive wedding”-their thoughts- because there is always the possibility that the marriage will not last and then you would be out all of that money. Another friend said that she would pay and feels it is still the responsibility of the parents to pay for the “daughters” wedding. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this. When I got married, my now husband and I had already been living together and bought a house first, I was 25 and since I felt I was financially independent I didn’t expect my parents to pay for a lavish wedding, I kind of though it was “our” responsiblity. I have run across more and more parents who also seem to think this way. Do you think that the tradition of the bride’s parents paying is going away? Will you pay for your daughter’s?

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