will my ex have to pay the csa?

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      my ex has refused to provide any details to the csa and keeps on ignoring them. he is on over £300 a week and wont buy his son as much as a baby wipe because he is to busy with his new girlfriend and her kid. the csa have sent his boss a form out to tell the csa how much he earns. can his boss lie for him? will my ex defenetly have to pay. i have worked it out on the csa calculator and he is in over £400 worth of debt with them and the csa have said soon as they have got the form back off his boss they will do a calculation to see exactly what he owes and will set up an attachment of earnings. how much will they take a week from him if he is in debt of £400? he keeps on ignoring their letters that is why they have had to go to his employer. does anybody no what he will have to pay a week for our son and the debt. will it automatically come off his wages and is there anyway he can stop the csa from taking the money

      uk answers only please

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