Why was I declined for a student credit card?

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      I am a college student. I got my first credit card 5 months ago and have never missed a payment. I applied for a department store credit card 2 months ago because I heard they were easy to get. I was denied for unknown reasons but I found out that credit card was through the same bank (Chase). I applied for the Discover student credit card a few days ago, because it has better benefits, but I was declined for insufficient credit history. Isn’t this a STUDENT credit card? I have never missed a payment on my other $ 500 limit Chase +1 card. I have a job as a waiter at a popular restaurant and can pull in 20k a year. wtf? My dad makes 120k a year, it makes NO sense that I was declined… I’m kind of extremely pissed about it because I heard that every time a company checks your credit your credit score goes down. The Discover guy on the phone made it seem like I would definitely get approved.
      Oh yeah, mate… I’m trying to build credit…
      Yes, I have heard of a debt card… I prefer 5% cash back… mate…

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