Why is she so bad with credit cards?

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      My girlfriend “Susan” is absolutely insane when it comes to plastic money. She’s only twenty-four, but is already $18k in debt from going crazy with her VISA card. She’s also overdrawn on two banks, and can’t have an account. Most recently she borrowed my card to put gas in her car. She was gone for only half an hour, but somehow managed to rack up $300 on my card.

      Susan says that she just sort of blacks out and goes nuts with credit cards. She buys things that she doesn’t need, and doesn’t even realize what she’s done until she gets her bill. I’ve heard of some screwy psychological problems in the past, but her’s takes the cake imo.

      My fear is that if we get more serious that she’ll ruin my credit like she’s ruined hers. I can’t trust her near my wallet. Is it possible to even have a relationship with this sort of person?

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