Why doesn't the post office stop wasting money delivering to your house and just let people?

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      choose a favorite store or somewhere to get their mail? This would cut the cost of all those jeeps, in turn would cut pollution. It would reduce the expenses of the pst office emensly and they could pass that savings on to the people. Raise the rates on junk, and limit how much junk they can send per day.

      So many things are going via email it’s not even funny. So why don’t they try to reduce instead of always expanding? I pay all but 1 bill online. And I can drop it off on my way to work for free. I have 2 creditcards and I can pay them if I go in the stores.

      So do we need a post office to begin with? It is cheaper and more reliable service to us UPS and FedEx. You get a delivery number and $ 100 insurance included inthe proce with them. The post office charges almost $ 3 for the minium on both. Plus you have to pay an extra $ 1.10 if you want a signature card. Post office cannot track online, but the others can, at no extra charge. UPS doesn’t sell your information for profit.
      Umm, I don’t care how many would lose their jobs cause most of them are x cons or soon to be x cons anyways. And yeah dude! I send packages on a regualr basis. I just got 4 head bolts shipped from Demark for a jackhammer and the package weighed 14 pounds. From Demark to Dallas the shipping was a whooping flat $ 7. You can’t walk in the post office door for $ 7! Not to mention you forget the PO doesnt include insurance and tracking w signature release. You add all that and the post office is 25% more than any of the shipping companies.

      The post office makes too much money over confusion. You take a 4 in x 4 in x 6 inch box, lets say it weighs 6 oz. if you go to USPS.com and use their pricing feature you may be tricked to belive you have to enter the dimension of the box. If you do this, you will be given a shipping price that is almost 50% higher than what you are suppose to pay. You think the post office doesn’t know this happens? They set it up that way!
      The fact is you can ship that package for just over a buck. But they don’t want you to do that. That is not honest and fair business. The post office has the biggest business advantage in the world. They have a box at every single house in this country. And yet UPS and Fedex and the likes buisness is soaring. How is that possible? Microsoft has an operating system on nearly every computer in this country and they are not losing money. They have nearly the same advantage as the Post office. They can make money. Why can’t the post office do it?

      By the way, the latest rate hikes has not been for raises, or equipment, of increase in fuel cost. They raised the stamp from 32 and going to .41 because they have to build a $ 1BILLION reserve because of some law.

      So now we are over charged because some genius felt thewy needed a 1B reserve. Wonder what they will blow that monmey on and get themselves in a bind and have to raise ratews again to balance the problem.
      Ok, first off elderly or not, they have someone who visits. They manage to get food, the could manage to get mail. Esp if they are available at the same place.

      And as for rual routes, most of them have made people buy post office boxes and people go get their mail at the post office. I know this because my parents live in a small town, about 400 yards fromt he post office and the post office does not carry mail to their house. This is a doublke whammy for them. the pay full price for mail, but don’t the service that billions of oters do, that is delivery to their door.
      JEME: You lie like a dog! You have to pay extra for delivery confirmation or insurance. The post office does NOT offer either service included in their shipping prices. I have over 2400 positive feedbacks on Ebay to more than prove my knowledge of the post office. What you need to do is admit you work for the post office, and the truth hurts. Yourattempting to spin doctor something that will never be fixed.

      And on a second note, if you purchased tracking and insurance your wasting your money because if you ship to a serviceperson, the post office only tacks to the US border. Which means they will only tack and insure to the base your sending to for it to be entered into the military mail system.

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