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    The marriage.

    The wedding takes 6 months for prep, but last for a day.
    The marriage last for a lifetime, but it takes a lifetime to work at it.

    Kids today are just plain spoiled. The more money they make the more they throw stuff away. They may have raised the kids in a frugal way, but that’s another reason why our ozone is so polluted! Have you seen what people nowadays throw away in one day? I visited my in-laws’ garage, they only have 2 children, and their garage are packed with 12 years of gifts from birthdays & Christmas from 8 uncles & aunts, 12 years!!!!! Another relative just moved into their home, married 3 years and they’ve change their decor every year, different brand/color/style and everything are bought online/delivered. They also buy a new car every year, because they didn’t like their old cars.

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    Obviously the marriage is more important. I don’t see why anyone would need to question that.

    Your friends are smart. Unfortunately, weddings tend to bring out the worst in some people. The thing to remember is that YOU (the couple) will be the ones thinking about the wedding 40 years later, not everyone else.

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    The Marriage, they need to do what makes them happy. It’s their wedding and their marriage, it’s not about anybody else but them.

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    the marriage.

    the wedding lasts like…8 hours of one day, and thats it. maybe up to twelve depending on how big of an event it is. and five years from now no one will remember anything about it except maybe the food and whether there was enough of it or not

    a marriage (theoretically) lasts a life time. it should be obvious which is more important

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    Marriages is important then a wedding, the can always get married by the judge.. But in this situations the parents are in the wrong, they should of left it alone and attend the wedding..and so your friends are doing the right thing.. The parents will come around sooner or later..

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    The marriage is the most important part. Your friend could have a small ceremony with friends, it should be a loving environment not one filled with animosity (i.e. parents attitude). My mother has said that to me and worse. She refused to participate in any of the wedding events and refused to wear the color and type of dress I asked of her. I paid for my dress and alterations, a friend gave me jewelry and my mother-in-law paid for hair and makeup and a lot more. I asked my mom for help; didn’t giver her a dollar amount and she told me off. She has never covered my car payments or rent etc, never asked her for any money. My parents were well taken care of by his parents and she gave them a gift, she didn’t give us one, but that’s ok. She didn’t rain on my parade. I married my best friend and we had a lovely ceremony (that i wish i could do over) and we are going to have long happy and healthy marriage.

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    I am all for your friends. They did everything right and getting out of debt is hard. Their families are really going to kick themselves when they do elope and they have to miss the whole thing because they were too hard headed to let them do it their way.

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    who in their right mind would say the wedding is more important?????

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    The marriage is certainly more important, but weddings are one of the things that can really get family riled up into a tizzy.
    I commend your friend, too!

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    …loan? Lending Tree is one example. Which sites have you gone to in order to be contacted by a mortgage company?
    I am not looking for a loan. That was not my question. I am getting an idea of what the most popular mortgage search sites are.

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    I did Lending Tree once years ago, I will never do that again. It took a LONG time to stop the junk mail and phone calls. And the deal we got was full of bogus fees, we had to refinance out of that mess in a hurry.

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