Which of the 3 major credit bureaus historically reports the lowest credit score?

Credit and mortgage advice Forums Consumer Credit Improving Your Credit Score Which of the 3 major credit bureaus historically reports the lowest credit score?

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      Not all 3 bureaus report the same score, but I have heard that one of the 3 is consistently the lowest scorer. ANyone have an idea which one that may be?

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      That is not true. What they report is COMPLETELY dependent on what YOUR creditor report to them. They all use the same EXACT formula to calculate your score, however they do not all get the same EXACT information.

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      They can have differing information in their files (because not all creditors report to all three bureaus). Also, they use different variations of credit score calculations. So you are trying to compare apples to oranges.

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      No money down usually means:
      1. using other people’s money
      2. Seller financing
      3. rent to own
      4. Using 401k
      5. using assignable purchase option contracts
      6. 100% financing
      7. etc…

      Just pick up some books at your local bookstore on real estate investing.


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      I just bought a condo with nothing down. However, I did have to give $ 1200 deposit for earnest money to start escrow. Then it cost $ 225 for an inspection to see what is wrong with it. Then I had to pay $ 395 for condo insurance. I am suppose to get the $ 1200 back. They are paying escrow fee. I will only be paying interest for the next ten years but it is $ 100 a month less than I am paying for rent and I get to write the interest off on my income tax, so even the value doesn’t go up in ten years, I haven’t lost anything even if the price goes down instead.

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      No money down, really is not quite no money down. No down payment on the purchase, but you will have to pay closing cost, hazard insurance, appraisal fee(?)

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      Some of these are totally illegal so make sure this isn’t a scam. Some of these tell you to do this:

      Find someone in financial trouble
      Offer to take over their mortgage if they deed the house over to you. They get to keep living in the house and in a year they can buy it back from you for an additional $ 25k.
      They sign over the deed.
      You market the property, try to sell it in 90 days.
      If it sells, the buyer evicts the original owner once they now own the house.
      If it doesn’t sell you rip up the deed, throw it away, and the bank forecloses on his house and thows him out.

      Nice, huh?

      I’m sure there are many legitimate programs but these are the ones you typically see on late night infomercials. And in California anyway, this is totally illegal.

      Now if you approach the same seller, assume his mortgage legally, and he moves out without losing his house to foreclosure everybody wins. He is relieved of his financial burden, you obtain the property far below market value and flip it for a quick profit. Unfortunately for you, there are “professional” investors who are much more skilled at this and can pay cash for the guy’s house so they are the ones who seem to have success doing this.

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