Which Gun to Get for Home Defense?

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    Buying a pistol to add to my shotgun for home protection.
    I was guided towards a Beretta 85 cheetah in a .380 ACP.
    I was told this round wouldn’t go through to many walls and into my neighbors house. I also had my eye on a Glock 20 in a 10mm and a sig p226 in a .357. Would those be to much power for an indoor shootout, and would purchasing hollow point ammo have any effect? Give me you 10 cents on these models and which one you would choose and why. If you know another gun from a reputable brand that is common, you can post that as well. Im looking to keep the price under $ 750, but i don’t want a crappy piece by lowballing my purchase.
    I went to the Sportsman’s Warehouse today and that was where the .380 was recommended, but i want something a little bigger. Would a hollow point round in a larger caliber than the .380 (something like a .357 or the .40) be similar to that Glaser Safety slug you mention?

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