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    I am considering applying for a few different cards to take advantage of current offers. *As a little bit of background, I’ve never been one to hold many CCs. *I currently have one Citi Platinum Select card that I’ve had since the late ’90s and an almost-never-used Chase card. *My total utilization hovers between 0 and 20% depending on the month. *FICO scores (not FAKOs) are all between 735 & 770. *I have one 30-day late payment on my report from 7 years ago that should drop off the next time the card reports. *No other negatives. *DTI ratio is about 20%, if that matters.*


    I currently use direct checking a/c debits to pay for bills and my debit card to pay for gas, groceries, and most other purchases. *I plan to apply for a card or card(s) so I can take advantage of cash back (or other rewards) when paying for all of the above. *I will pay in full every month.


    Based on my research, I feel like I should almost certainly apply for the Amex BCP plus either the Chase Sapphire or Freedom, and maybe a Discover card in order to maximize cash back rewards. *So, in your opinion, would these be the right cards to app for given my intended use or am I possibly missing something better? *Will it impact *my chances to be denied by any of these if I apply for 2 or 3 cards on the same day? *(I am ok w/ multiple inquiries as I don’t anticipate any major financing w/in the next 12-24 months). *


    Alternatively, are travel rewards cards any better than cash back cards? *


    Thanks for your advice!

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