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      …your own, or after? We’re planning on moving to California from Long Island. We’re going to go to the real estate agent in September to put our house up for sale, but I would just like to know some information from people who have done this before. We’ve never done this before. Any tips to prepare for the big move?

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      What kind of damage ?
      Plumbing or Electrical ?
      Or carpet and paint ?

      You left out the important info , which suggests you are totally unfamiliar with code requirements (and the life or death issues they come from ) .

      If it is carpet & paint , you can do it yourself .
      A substandard job will not be hazardous at least .

      Other work , framing , plumbing , electrical etc . . .
      You need to get a qualified journeyman .


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      The insurance company should send out a claims adjuster. He will make an estimate. If you agree to accept the estimate, they send you a check. After that, they don’t care who does the work, or even if you have it fixed at all.

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      You can – but the insurance company can cancel you if the guy doing the repairs is required to be licensed, and isn’t (example, a plumber). Also, depending on the type of claim, you might need to get a permit to do the repairs – which could ALSO require a license.

      Anyway, to prove the repairs were done, you’ll need photos and the receipts for the supplies. Also, if you do work yourself, log the hours you put into it.

      Keep in mind, if you do a rotten job the first time, the insurance company won’t pay a second time – and won’t cover any mistakes you make with the repairs.

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