When do you hire a realtor if planning to sell house?

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    I’ll be selling my house next year, after the kids graduate, move out and take their clutter with them. I’m using this year to get the house ready for sale. I’ll be removing wallpaper, painting, getting rid of stuff, etc. I’ve also started doing some repairs, like new pool liner/pool fence, new furnace, and other stuff. I’m in an extremely desirable school district and in a good location near a park and an elementary school. Our real estate market is ok.

    My house has a few negatives, like carpets instead of hardwood floors and a floorplan with some problems. I plan to hire a home inspector in a few months to give it a once over, and let me know if there’s anything that should be fixed before the house is listed. I expect that my house will be priced about $ 100,000 lower than the other houses in my neighborhood due to the negatives.

    I’ve started keeping track of houses in my expected price range and their realtors. I will want someone to price the house fairly in the first place, not to underprice it for a quick sale or overprice it to get the listing by giving me unreasonable expectations. I’d also like a realtor who would walk in and tell me honestly if I’m missing something that would help it sell for a fair price.

    I’m also starting to shop for my next home to down-size. However, I still don’t have any idea whether I should (1) move into an existing condo and fix it up, (2) buy a condo under construction and get what I want, (3) build a small ranch, or (4) move out of the area to a retiree haven that might be cheaper. I’ll be using the next few months to research and try to narrow down my downsizing options.

    My questions are — when do I reach out to talk to a realtor? Only when I’m ready to list, or a few months before? Do you recommend working with the same realtor for selling & as a possible buyer’s agent? Should I be going to open houses to meet realtors and try to find someone I like?

    I’m actually terrified about this process. I’ve lived in this house for almost 30 years, and moving seems overwhelming (I’m also a new widow). Any tips for Sellers? Thank you!
    Wonderful and helpful advice, Christin! I’m in early 60s, and the mortgage will be paid this year. My downsized retirement home will be paid for in cash. I could buy that home while my current one is on the market, if i found the perffect place. My current home is way too much for one person. Paying for the lawn service, pool costs, plow guy, taxes and other maintenance costs are substantially more than condo fees or maintenance on a smaller home (I have more than an acre). I plan on buying a home that will fit into my retirement budget whether I get laid off tomorrow or work until 66. I expect to net a little money from the sale of the family home to add to my retirement.

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