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    …Angeles county area? Im looking to attend a first time home buyers seminar. i currently live in the los Angeles county area. I am researching home buying and i am looking to learn what i need to know as I am planning on looking to buy a home in my near future. Are there any near by and any time soon?

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    No need to attend a seminar where people try to sell you products and services. Simply read “Home Buying for Dummies” to learn most everything you need to know.

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    You can forget that idea. It is illegal for them to discuss the house with you at all. The loan itself is private information and the bank will not talk to you. Even if they foreclose they will not talk to you directly, they will refer you to their RE agent.

    If the bank gave the sellers a number you absolutely have to reach it or there will be no sale. It is not a ball park, it is a minimum and to offer less requires an entire new approval.

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    Landlord is quite correct. The lender will not and CAN NOT talk to you regarding this issue. Any such communication is confidential between lender and borrower only. Your dealings are limited to negotiating only with the owner, and waiting for lender approval or denial.

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