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    …bad debt? I screwed up years ago and I’ve already paid off those bad credit card debts. The only debts I owe now are a student loan (always paid on time), a new credit card (paid on time and only used for emergencies), and a car payment (paid on time).
    How do I get my credit score to go up?

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    get a loan through a loan shark.
    dont spend any of it.
    every month pay back double the monthly payment.
    it will cost you only a little bit but within 6 months the “footprints” will be removed with good payer on the CRA file.

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    We just went through this! We eliminated 10,000 in bad credit by paying it off but our credit scor ewas stil low. we went from a score 200 to a score of 650 in 6 moths. Here is how we did it. I was told by a professional that one of the best places to go is to a furniture and/or jewlery store. make a purchase and pay on it every month ON TIME maybe a few ays early and then once you reach 6 months pay it off in full. You have to pay on it for at least 6 months or they won’t report it to yur credit. I was amazed at what that did!!! we also got a SMALL 1,000.00 car loan and payed it off in one year. That also looks amazing on our credit. we went form nothing to being able to purchase a brand new car @ 5.7% and are building our own home. with an income of less than 25,000! I hope this helps you some! Good Luck, and Take Care

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    One way is to keep on spending on the card and paying back on time – soon get your credit card score to go up.

    Hope this helps

    Kind regards

    Good luck

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    it is going up, slowly, month by month. The differences really show up at 6 month intervals.

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    With time….they’ll look at how often you pay your bills on time.
    Once you have done that for a year you are considered to have a good credit rating.

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    what ever you do, dont apply for a credit card over and over, it looks bad, keep requesting your credit report and keep an eye on it. I started with small credit cards like ikea and made sure I paid t off. It took 6 years to clear.

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    If have an explanation for those past sins, you might wish to include that in a letter that will be attached to your credit report.

    All the rest of the gambits are generally hoaxes and con jobs. Jeez, like TRW et al haven’t seen all the tricks by now?

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    Request you credit history report, and list all of the debts that are still listed on your report, and have them investigated, you will be surprised how many will be eliminated off of your report, that is the next step you should take.

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    Definitly check your credit report at annualcreditreport.com, this is a free report that you can get from any of the three major credit bureaus. Then check it over, if there are negatives call the company and ask to have them removed.
    It takes awhile, but it’s FREE to do.

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    Always make your payments on time. You can increase your credit score many ways. One is to take out a very small loan (under $2,000), and pay it off quickly with monthly payments. This shows credits you are credit-worthy. Don’t get any more credit cards! That’s the way you get behind the credit “eight ball.”

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