What’s a legit credit card to help you rebuild your credit?

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    Not a prepaid or debit card.

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    Well first off, prepaids and debit cards don’t do anything for your credit anyways so it is unlikely that you have been given as an answer. If your credit is trashed you will pretty much need to start with a secured card or obtaining a card with a co-signer.

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    Try Capital One, First Premier, Orchard Bank and H.S.B.C. they all offer cards to people with damaged credit.

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    When my ex and I divorced, he left me with all of his bills and trashed my credit. I opened three credit cards a couple years later to rebuild – Orchard, Tribute and First Premier.

    Tribute is now out of business.

    Orchard has been great to work with – minimal fees, and they have quadrupled my credit limit over the last few years.

    First Premier would not raise my limit after I achieved a high score and paid on time for 5 years. They suggested a second card. Last year, my husband (who is on both cards) had to take an emergency trip out of town just before payday. I paid off one of the cards to free up the balance and made a regular payment on the second on a Thursday. However the annual fee had hit on the 2nd card. First Premier cut off the first card with $0 balance because the annual fee caused the 2nd to go overlimit. We had counted on this card for him to use gas and he ended up being stranded by the side of the road several hundred miles from home for 18 hours until I could get money wired to him. I called First Premier to see what they could do – cause payment to clear early (it was in guaranteed funds) or issue a temporary credit line increase and they refused to help in any way. So due to their poor treatment of customers, I paid off those accounts and no longer use them (want to keep them open just to raise scores at the moment, only make small charges and pay off immediately)

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    Yeah I have First Premier, and I had terrible credit. But let me tell you that they charge SOO many fees. The first bill I got was around 190 something I think and their limit is 250. So you won’t be using the card for spending but just to pay off fees. But I think it has helped me because my score has gone up 100 point in the last year by paying that card and my car loan. It costs money to repair your credit. But yeah they are the only ones that will give you card with really bad credit.

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    If you want to increase your score fast, call up your credit cards and ask for a credit increase. Also attempt to get a good credit card like Discover or Chase Freedom or even a WaMu is ok. DON’T USE THEM. The more open availability you have will lower your utilization %. Credit scores are heavily impacted by your utilization %. Now once you do this, you will still need to wait a couple months for the new score to be reported.

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    Ok first your score of 650 is fine to buy a house, and the easiest way to improve a credit score is to make sure all credit cards are paid down to less than half of your limit. If you have a limit of 1000.00 on a credit card make sure it is below 500.00. If your debt to ratio is high, just get some bills paid off and that will help.

    You can get a home loan with your score now. 650 is not a bad credit score, that is around the majority of Americas credit score.

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    Just get a small loan for 24 months and pay it back in 12. To get from good to excellent, the score is between 750 to 850.

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    You will need to improve it to get a preferred rate. A friend of mine added a tradeline through the source website and got a 50 point bump. Sure he paid $ 700 to do it but he got a quick bump in his score in about 45 days. He filled out their free evaluation form, or called their toll-free number. I can’t remember which. Good luck.

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    no such thing as a fast and easy way to improve score – paying down debts, paying on time and time are the only solutions – along with a good credit score, you also need about 10% cash for downpayment and closing costs, inspections, etc

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    try to get all of your credit cards paid down to or less than %40 of their limit.

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