What type of training does your dog have? Did you do it yourself? How much farther do you want to go

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      What level of training does your dog have? (basic obedience, advanced obedience, property protection, personal protection on a family or executive level, sentry dog, tracking, naurcotics) Who did the training? How far would you be willing to take the training or how much further would you want to go? When you bought your dog, what was your intention for him/her? (companion, family dog, personal protection dog, property protection, service dog) Tell me your stories. I want to know what your opinions on the training you received.

      basic obedience = sit, down, stay, come, all on leash

      advanced obedience = sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, here, come, heal, all off leash

      a little info about my dogs

      Oryd, GSD, 9 years old now, had his BH title at 18 months, Schutzhund 2 at 2 years old and moved onto police work but the agencies wouldn’t take him because of his East German Stature (big shepherd). he is not a “giant” shepherd but he does come fro
      Yazoo, GSD, 2 years old has a BH title, FH (tracking), and did some work on a couple TV shows when we still lived out west. Thinking of placing him for Schutzhund but he is a little overly friendly and I’m not sure about his protection potential.

      Roxas, GSD, 11 months old. WOW. talk about a great candidate for protection work and tracking. Obedience needs work but he is great at bite work. Real bite work not backing him into a corner only. Tracking has MUCH potential and I’m sure he could earn his FH title in the next 6-7 months.

      Ash, Schnauzer, 3 years old. PURE working dog (Ratter) Loves to
      Now, when I say bite work on my dogs, i don’t mean backing them into a corner and leaving them no choice. I start them from a young age, introducing them to tugs and pillow and bite developers so they develop their prey drives. Defensive work is only done AFTER i know they are ready which usually doesn’t start until 11-18 months old. Bite work on a sleeve or suit is done with a helper and NOT by me. That would just be stupid. I’ve trained all my dogs in obedience and tracking myself. I’ve done some herding work but, living in the states, you don’t find too much herding oppertunities.

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