What steps do I take to buy a home to start a day care center?

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    I have everything I need to start my own childcare center…except for where to have the childcare center. I do not want to rent and would like to buy a single family or a two family home. I would run the day care on the first floor and myself along with my 3yr old would live upstairs. I have tons of support for the actual business but when it comes to buying the house I dont know where to begin. I have 2 yr job history and currently making 15 an hr in Bridgewater Ma. I never miss a credit card or car payment and 2yrs ago my credit score was 660 I havent checked since then. The biggest debt I have is my student loan which I also have never missed a payment on. Will I qualify for a loan? What do I have to do to make sure banks do not turn me down? Should I get a higher paying job? How much should I save? I do not pay rent because my apt is owned by my dad. Should I save a certain amount to show I can pay a mortgage or should I start paying him rent? I live in West Bridgewater/Brockton Ma if that helps

    all answers are appreciated
    thx for your replies
    my score was 660 two years ago when i bought my car. I doubt it went down since then Ive never missed a payment on anything and did not make any big purchases. I will send for my credit report.

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