What is wrong with this picture???? help help americaPresident Bush and his Thinking,,?

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      I’am a 19 year old female who was born and raise in New Orleans Lousisana. It’s been 2 years , since hurrincane katrina;My family and i have been displace from our home, we lost everything and stayed in a hotel for 3 months. Luckily we got assitance with fema, stranges, and red cross plus the 2000 we recieve. we are very grateful and because of that my family were abe to get on there feet by getting an apartment and us in school. we been very bless and thank everyone for what they have done for us. Only problem we have(new orleans residents) is , we are tire of people comparing 9-11 to katrina . we are tire of people saying we are looking for a hand-out. treated as though we deserve nothing. I’m in college now pursueing my degree to be a doctor ,, like I said I’ve been bless. People we are not looking for a hand-out people are building there homes of their money the are making from their jobs, loans,and some who got their insurance. we are doing for ourselves.
      The reason why you hear us complaning about when the govement going to do more for us ,, is because look at what he is doing. He is spending billons of dollars on a stupid war, though he can’t put fort effort into his own country. That’s the point of what everyone is missing. it is pissing us off. let alone didnt’ help us until 4 days after katrina hit but can run to the tusami victims within the next day. Isn’t something wrong with that picture. Nobody owe us a damn thing. there was nothing but fraud after katrina which only made america can’t stand us even more.America feels sorry for us and try to help us with their hard -working money and here everyone is committing fraud are using the money for everything else but what the suppose to use it for. Our mayor and Govenor mess up big time crocks ,, and we know that but we also feel as thought the president, our leader, a man who is suppose to be their for his country ,, should have done more.
      All we want is equal oppurunity. peopl all over the world go through hurricanes, earthquakes, snow blizzards, and everthing else mother nature put out. i i can even prove to you we things like that happen money is given to those staes and cover damges or so. just so happens the money is being put to use for the right reason and not the wrong. It have been proven that katrina didt’n cause those deaths, the government did. the confess on national tv and said this was the first time in history they have made a mistake, they built the levees poorly and people die. if they had been built correctly new orleans would have not flooded like that. we are hard working people and not everyone was poor and black and on welfare to get that understood. everyone ahs suffer including people who have help us and i think we need to have open minds about this matter ,, instead on trying to say bush did enough for us,(B.S) our mayor and govenor mess up and the president knew so he should have took control

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