What is the use of debt consolidation program?

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    I have debt problem and still now it is manageable. I just want to know the use of debt consolidation program. Is it really effective?

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    To report a tenant or any debtor to the credit bureaus normally the
    landlord or any small business person, would have to meet the same
    critera as a bank. You must report 1000+ per day. I cant locate the
    site that allows you to sign up for a membership which allows you to
    report as little as one person at a time. I believe the cost was about
    $30 per month. This company allows you to put the type of dept, ie
    mortgage, rent, car loan, the account number, date opened, balance,
    original amount and
    high credit. It will appear under this companies and your name. once
    you pay the transaction fee you can report unlimited updates on that
    account free. There may be a small charge for each transaction which
    includes unlimited updates.

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