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    I’m a teenager and i would like to have a prepaid credit card. i would use it mostly online and sometimes in stores. I would like to all know all monthly fees. I was think something like a Wal-Mart money card, but you have to pay $5 every time you have to reload it and $5 every monthly! i will be ok to pay that if its the best one out there. Also if you could tell me if i could NOT get the “Statement Paper,” because i do not to pay that fee.
    Give websites!!!!!
    i would like a card for online shopping

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    Get the Much more Music card,

    its simple and overall the cheapest to use and maintain.

    oh ya and it is a reliable company

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    simon gift card. or a debit card its like checks

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    Hey man It looks like your in the right way, with the walmart money card, is a very good card and you can use it every were and plus is almost the only prepaid card that wont ask you for a bunch of crap, if you know what I mean.
    Another great place for a prepaid card is Green Dot they have almost the same prepaid card as walmart and you could use it every were online on the stores and any place you could think of. I know is hard to paid every time You load money in to it but is worth it and I’m telling you as personal experience.

    Hope this Helps!

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    yur a teen

    wait til yu actually have to worry about credit cards

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    You should get a simon mall gift card. That is the best pre paid card to get. you don’t have to pay any monthly fees on it and it is good for shopping at any mall or retail stores,because it has a vista logo on it. I use mines for online shopping and at other department stores. You can put how much you want on it. You don’t have to pay to put money on it or pay a monthly fee either. Go to the mall and ask for a simon gift card.

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    ok, you seem smart, doing your research and all

    why not open a checking account (most banks let you once you turn 13 as long as a parent signs) then get the check/debit card with your account, no montly fee..and as long as there is cash in the account your set.

    hope this helps

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    It is about 70% of the dwelling’s replacement cost. The coverage is often times built into the policy with at least 50%, you might be paying more to have 70%. Call you agent and see where the minimum is, there is no point in dropping it low if it wont safe you any money.

    The other coverages are percentage based as well, other structures 10% and loss of use should be around 30%.

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    The standard is 50%, most companies go 70% of the dwelling coverage amount. Most companies allow for an increase if you need it.

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    Some insurers go with 50% of the building limit, some 70%, 75%, 80% or even 100%. The premium, however, is based on the building limit. Increasing the Personal Property limit beyond the minimum will incur an additional premium. Decreasing the limit will not decrease the premium.

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    On most standard homeowners policies, the personal property coverage is a percentage of the dwelling amount – as is the loss of use, and other structures coverage. That percentage varies from one company to the next, AND by policy form, but will generally be 50% to 90% of the dwelling amount.

    Now, when I hear people talking like you, I think they don’t really mean, “I have too much personal property coverage”. I think what they REALLY mean, is “I think if I can cut this coverage down, I’ll save money on my premiums”. But it doesn’t work that way.

    The entire PRICE of your policy, is based on the DWELLING amount, plus the endorsement costs. So *if* you could get them to lower the contents amount, it’s not going to save you any money. Most likely, you’d have to get them to lower it, by switching your policy to one WITHOUT replacement coverage, or to a “lower tiered” company with higher rates.

    It’s kinda like when you go to a restaurant. You don’t want the bread . . . but that’s not going to lower your bill. And if you hire a chef to prepare what you want, exactly, ala carte, it’s going to cost you about six times as much as buying the “off the menu” that has a few extra things that you don’t want/need.

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