What is my liability for a friend who was injured on my property.?

Credit and mortgage advice Forums Home Insurance What is my liability for a friend who was injured on my property.?

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    A friend was doing a favor checking something out on my roof while I was away. He fell off the ladder and was injured.(I found out he had been drinking) I called the ambulance and he was hospitalized for a few weeks with broken ribs, surgeries etc. He does not have any health insurance and no monetary assets. He spoke with medical assistance (in PA) regarding his medical bills and they want me to sign a form regarding my homeowners insurance.
    I am concerned wether the hospital or state medical assistance would try to go after me for his medical bills.(probably an astronomical figure) My homeowners insurance policy (Erie) says $ 100,000 personal liability for medical each occurance. His bills may be way more than that.
    I didn’t file any insurance claim or contact my homeowners ins. about this (happened about a month ago). What should I do. I know my friend would not try to sue me but what about the hospital or medical assistance.? Thanks for any information.

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