What is a good debt consolidation companythat will negotiate your debts

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    US bank since they already know your credit history and bank balances. Less difficulty in getting you approved

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    I think the preapproval is very important. I would go with that one.

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    down and then give you a loan? ?
    Negotiate with the creditors to reduce the debt that you own initially so you aren’t taking such a HUGE loan with them? Can any company function in this way to help the consumer?

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    To tell you the truth, those debt consolidation companies charge you a hefty few (sometimes) and ruin your credit, to do the same thing that you can do on your own.

    I haven’t heard of any that give you a loan, though. Sorry.

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    I almost got caught in one of this debt consolidation traps. You can do all of this on your own. Just contact all of your collectors and ask for a settlement opportunity. If for some reason you cant pay then tell them what you can pay. At least you are paying.

    Debt Consolidation places will ruin your credit its like bankruptcy and it will take you a while to get out.

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    It doesn’t work that way. Debt consolidation companies are a joke.
    What they do is not pay your creditors for months and then try and settle for less. No special skills. They just don’t pay. It will trash your credit.
    Your creditors do not have to deal with these people. It’s your debt.
    Also, if they don’t pay your creditors. You, and you alone are still responsible for the debt. Your creditors will sue you and not the company you hired.

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    I, too, have felt the “pinch” of debt exceeding income. I searched the Internet for a reputable Debt Consolidation solution. After weighing the options of several, I settled on Credit Exchange. Their representatives had a genuine empathy with my situation, and came up with an excellent plan for me. This is not a loan. They negotiate with creditors to reduce the amount of debt owed. My monthly payments were reduced by 60+%.

    You will also be represented by a law firm that specializes in these matters. I have been in this program for one year now, and it has made a dramatic change in my budget woes.

    The phone number is 1-800-810-3390. Have the following information ready when you call:
    Total debt
    Total monthly income
    Total monthly expenses

    Try it. It may just be well worth it.

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