What if corporations operated like the USA Gov't?

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      In other words if you are a company or a bank, you don’t have to file for bankruptcy if you go under.

      ALL you have to do is change the the company by-laws to raise the debt limit and tell the banks you need extra money because you want to create a stimulus package to motivate your company and you’ll pay it back in future years.

      , just like the USA government can. You can then just borrow 1.5 Trillion dollars if you have to. And then you can tell your company creditors this!:

      “We’re sorry our company is running a deficit this year, we’ll try to cut 0.05% of our deficit at the next company meeting. And we’ll still pay dividends to shareholders, we’ll just coordinate with our company to arrange for more printed currency for us to use.”

      I mean if every company manager could have the same work terms as Barney Frank. Wouldn’t that be great? The day you file for bankruptcy you could just say “Well it wasn’t all my fault, we told our co-manager to pay the bank 3 years ago and he didn’t do it! It’s not my fault!”

      What if every corporations had the same standards of responsibility as the members of Congress and the government?
      I guess the only way that could be possible would be if companies had the legal right to levy taxes on non-customers AND customers!

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