What have you found to be the easiest way to lose weight?

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      I need to lose weight but anytime I attempt to start I quickly lose hope and stop doing what I do. I am a stay at home mom and don’t get out much. I know that it would be better for me to get out but unfortunately I really can’t. I live in a town where the roads don’t have sidewalks and I don’t have a double stroller for my kids.. So I need answers from people who have done this completely through their own home.

      What has kept you on track to lose weight? When you started to lose hope what kept you going? What kind of exercise did you do to lose weight (in your home)? What did you eat? What kind of food did you stay away from?

      I don’t eat a lot of junk food.. My biggest problem is soda.. I try to stick to diet (I know that isn’t good either) but my boyfriend usually buys whatever is on sale. If we have it, I tend to drink it.

      Thanks to everyone who can help with my questions. =D

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