What gives with rentals?

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    OK, cash deal on our existing home and they let us stay until the end of Dec for free.* Everything moved into PODs and getting ready to reside temporarily with relatives.
    The issue is, we have been combing and emailing agents for rental homes so we wouldn’t have to live with relatives.* We scouer the web, imrmls, etc.* We even we have a family agent who sent us the so cal mls listings, etc. and who has taken us to some spots to even see stuff.* But most agents dont even respond half the time to him or us even when the lease listing is thiers, and I dont even see much listed on what I seem to be looking at.* All of these socal mls, matrix, CARETS seem no to be hooked up to one another?
    Its really frustrating, we have what I think is a decent rental budget (2500-3500), stellar credit, etc, this shouldnt take so long and be so hard.* Is this bcause agents dont make any money off me?* Does anyody have any advice or maybe a step I am missing.
    We are getting ready to just break down and do the aparment thing at this point, I got a couple more weeks to work it, but it seems like an act of GOD to even look at a place or get a call back.* Its just renting, I know I am not the only one.*
    Any advice?* And please dont flame me, I tried to be serious not belittle or offend anyone, I am just real frustrated, this should be easy.
    Oh yeah, we are looking primarily in Diamond BAr, San Dimas, LaVerne, Glendora, Yorba Linda, Brea, Fullerton, basically the 57 corridor as I work in riverside and wife works in La Mirada.

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