What do you need to qualify for a $5500 car loan?

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      I am 22. I’ve had three credit cards in my name, and a co-applicant (or whatever it’s called) on one of my husband’s. I have paid them all off several times. I just paid my Target & Capital One cards off. I’m not using them anymore. My third is a Bank of America with a $ 1200 balance on a $ 1500 limit. My husband’s card is also paid off. I have always made my payments on time. When I checked my credit there wasn’t anything negative. Do you think I could qualify for a $ 5500 car loan? I don’t work–but this is new to me, I’ve worked since I was 16, have only been out of work for about four months. I’m too cheap to pay to get my actual credit score and honestly it’s all really confusing anyway.

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