What are some jobs for teens to do besides babysitting?

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    i need to make as much money as i can so i can help out my parents because my dad has to go out of town for weeks at a time to work his ass off for just a small amount of money, and he can only be here on a weekend occasionally then he has to drive 7 hours back home just to spend time with us, (shes a photographer) until 3 in the morning, then gets up at 7:30 to go to work and do it all over again, so i pretty much never get to spend time with my parents and the times i can, their stressed because of work and zero sleep.
    i need a way to make a decent amount of money. i dont care if i have to work really hard, i just wanna help out. im gonna babysit, so if anyone has any tips on htat it would help out too. so anyone know some jobs? i will love your foreva!!!!! <3

    heres some extra info:
    my uncle is gonna teach me how to play guitar, (hopefully)
    my other uncle owns a farm, and gos to the farmers market every saterday to sell his food.
    i am pretty good at making stuff but i suck at knitting and crocheting.
    im pretty good at art and drawing. better than the average 12 year old.

    im 12 btw 😛
    if anyone has any good ideas i will be eternally grateful!!!

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