We r in final phase of buying a house & a second (FHA) appraiser was sent out by the

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      underwriter. He found? mold in the basement & required sellers to get a professional mold test. The report came back stating “common mold which is in every house in the U.S.” The underwriter is requiring sellers to do professional mold remediation which they don’t want to do. Our loan officer had the mold inspector write a letter to the underwriter stating that this is only common mold which is in every house in the U.S. Sellers only want to clean the area with Clorox. I do know that mold has to come from a water leak, humidity, etc & we were told by sellers that the fireplace had a leak but has been sealed up. Also, they recently built a deck off the upstairs bedroom & my sister-in-law was looking at the house & stepped in a puddle of water on carpet inside door to the deck. You can see through to the outside through a small crack in the door but sellers have pulled up the boards on the deck & said there was a problem with the flashing & that’s where the water was coming in which they supposedly repaired. The sellers have stated that if they have to do professional mold remediation, they will back out of the deal and rent the house. My questions are, 1. Can they rent the house knowing there is a known mold problem or should the health department & OSHA be called in. 2. If the underwriter agrees to the seller only cleaning the area with Clorox, would you back out of the deal? I am so upset with this because it is a very nice house but I do not want to move into a house knowing there is a mold problem. If there is a mold inspector or remediator reading this please tell me your opinion. Other opinions are also welcome. I have read all over the internet for something called “common mold” but can’t find anything that calls it that. I am also concerned that it might turn into black mold.

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