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      I checked my score with*and it is roughy 670, according to the myfico calculator if i pay down my balances 90 to 100% (its currently about 70% of my combined credit limits) it should raise to between 760 and 790 which is pretty good i think. I have no other issues with my score everything is paid on time and i have no unpaid debts, i do however have about 9500k in student loans that are defered. What impact will that have on my score and approval for a card requiring excellent credit(i want to take advantage of the cashback cards from chase and citi with the 200to250 dollar premiums or possibly*a amex or jpmorgan select card). also i currently have 5 credit cards 2 capital one cards, a bestbuy store card(through hsbc), a dell prefered acct and amazon.com visa card*from chase. any advice on how to accomplish those goals would be appreciated greatly. also if needed my yearly gross income is approx 13k(im a student)

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