Visa and Mastercard online casinos? I’m looking for online casinos that can get

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    my visa or mastercard through? I’m having trouble depositing with my Visa at an online casino. My Mastercard too. Can any online casinos get credit cards to go through?

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    Unless you are in a bind and need quick money or need to sell your house in a week, you should definately not use one of those services. Their business is based on buying homes under market value, making some repairs upgrades (like “Flip this House”) and reselling at a profit. The best thing for you to do is consult several Realtors and have them give you a Comparitive Market Analysis on what they think your home would sell for–they will do that for free–or hire an appraiser $ 300-$ 400. Then call one of the “we buy houses” people and have them give you a bid. I guarantee their offer will be significantly less.

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    I got a quote for a place I was selling in the San Antonio area last year. It was an insult! I sold it a few months later for $ 25,000 more than they offered.

    If you have plenty of equity and absolutely, positively MUST close quickly it might be worth considering. If you’re over a barrel it can be a way out without trashing your credit but you WILL lose a chunk of equity.

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    I buy houses in the same manner and I agree with your first response. Some even take it a step further and ask you to commit mortgage fraud by asking you to give money back at closing in exchange for allowing you to live in the home.


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    yes i have scam artists

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