Two credit cards with balances – how to proceed?

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      I have two credit accounts with balances that I am paying down, one has a slightly higher balance than the other.* I need to get my credit score up by this July in order to lock in a good rate on an auto loan.* Will my score be helped more if I pay off the card with the lower balance by that time (which, I think I may be able to do)?* That card has 0% interest until September 2012.* Or, will it be more in my favor if I keep a balance on both cards?* Other than my two credit cards, I have a mortgage, federal student loan and car lease (ending in July).
      Additionally, how badly would it affect my credit score if I were to transfer my main credit account (at some point, when the balance is lower) to a different institution?* I wouldn’t try to do this until after getting the auto loan squared away.* Is it something I can or should do?* My credit company has been acquired by Bank of America, and I absolutely cannot stand BofA.* Hate that company with a passion, actually.* So I’d really like to try to get away from them if at all possible.* However, I obviously don’t want my credit score to take a hit because of it.
      Would appreciate your advice.

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