Two 30 day lates last year….are we out of luck?

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      I was looking through some topics online and discovered something that made me cringe.* We are in the process of putting an offer on a house and also being pre approved (with the actual underwriter looking at our file).* My wife has two 30 day lates for the end of last year.* One was a credit card that reported late because we thought it was paid off but they charged her a 6 dollar monthly fee we didnt know about.* The other was a installment account for a laptop we bought a while back.* It was late because she was the only one that can make the payment for it and didnt realize I told her to pay it.* Is this going to disqualify us from a FHA?* The only other lates that are showing were back in 2007 and 2008 ( only 30 day lates).* I am worried I am putting an offer on a house and we wont be able to get approved.
      We have been through the automated system and came back okay.*** Our scores are fine, her middle is 652.

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