Trying to Improve credit score but keep getting denied for credit?

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      Same sh!t different day!

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      No Income No Asset (NINA), “No Income No Job or Asset” (NINJA) or simply Nina Loan is a term used in the United States mortgage industry to describe one of many documentation types which lenders may allow when underwriting a mortgage.

      NINA programs are reserved for the most credit-worthy of borrowers. This means, among other criteria, a satisfactory mortgage history paid As Agreed (no mortgage lates in the last 24 months), a minimum credit score of 660 and a Loan to Value ratio of no more than 75%. For higher loan amounts the minimum credit scores start above 700 and LTV ratios cap out at about 60%.

      so yeah… just about anyone can get one right?

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      When i was 19 i went delinquent on a couple of credit cards. I have since then paid off all delinquent accounts. My credit report shows them as closed. Now I am trying to “start over” but my own bank denied me a credit card, and a laon. I am afraid to Request from other places because i know credit inquiries affect your credit. What is my best option? The only open account on my credit report is a Auto loan that i am paying on time.

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      First, stop applying immediately. Applying is not a way of “trying to improve”. Applying is a way of trying to make your credit worse.

      Second, deposit money at a bank that offers “secured” credit cards and get one. Do not apply for any other types of credit cards or loans until after you have improved your score and have gone more than a year without applying.

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      Go to your banks website and see if they offer secured cards.
      If not, go to other bank websites in your area.

      This card will help you develop credit.
      And if you use it wisely it will turn into a credit card in a year or so.
      Wise use = replace all the money you use on the card each and ever month – no games of paying minimums.
      The card will have about a $40 annual fee – make sure you ask the bank if it reports to the credit bureaus – they usually do.
      When it turns into a credit card again – NO GAMES.
      Pay in full each and every month, you never pay interest this and you can develop top credit scores with time.

      Example of secured card: You put in $500 in an account.
      You receive a debit card. You charge something like gas – or a small item each month – you pay in full each month if you want to develop good credit. When it turns into a credit card – you get your $500 back.

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