Try for 2nd card vs add myself as auth user to wifes card??

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      I was last week denied for a Barclays priceline visa.* My chap 7 BK was d/c on 7/7/10.* I think I am not going to apply for any more cards at this point as I am at 5 inquiries until 2 fall off in October.* So since a 2nd card is probably not a good idea right now, since I don’t want a low limit card with an AF, do you all think it would be a good idea to have add myself to my wifes Cap one as an authorized user.* Also to add her to mine as an authorized user.* We each have the cap one with $2500 line and no AF.* This way we would each show a $5000 available credit and a 2nd card reporting as well.* WE have the accounts on auto pay each month and only charge one utility bill each on them.* Would this raise our scores and improve our credit quicker?* Would this be at all a good idea to do this?* Would it help us get second cards by early next year?* Any help is appreciated!!!* Thanks!

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