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    I used to have a WAMU credit card that was charged off to a CA that I settled for less than the balance.* I called the CA up today and asked them on the remaining balance, to hopefully do a PFD, and was told that the amount that was forgiven was $1,767.57.* For some reason I originally thought it was a lesser amount and would be willing to do a PFD, however, at $1.7k I am not sure if it is worth it to PFD or just wait for it to fall off my reports.*


    Per Equifax my Date of First Delinquency per the CA is 12/2007 and the Date Major Delinquency First Reported is 6/2008.* But for my WAMU card it was 11/2007 and 5/2008.


    Any thoughts?


    Side Note:* I do have two other negatives besides this Settled in Less than Full, my WAMU chargeoff and a AMEX collection

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