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    I started rebuilding my credit score a little while back, while it has raised, it isn’t where I’d like it to be.* I recently purchased a new vehicle, and while I got a great finance rate, I did not qualify for the 0% financing. The finance guy at the dealership told me that I should go through my report and dispute any negative information, wait 6 months or so, and refinance the vehicle and I should qualify for an even lower rate. I pulled up my credit report and I came across a few questions, and figured this would be my best source for some help.
    1) I have an old account that is listed as a “neutral” I guess it would be called? It says “Current Status Unknown.” It was a credit card that was opened in 2003. It went to collections, and was paid in full to the collector. In the “Type” field it says “Transferred to another lender or purchaser.”* —- My question: Should I dispute this from my report? Is it leaving a negative mark on my credit? Or is the fact that it is my oldest account a good thing to keep on my report?
    2) I have 3 collections listed on my report. The accounts all show “Current Closed” for their status.* The “Type” does refer to them being collection accounts. —- My questions: Although the accounts say “Current Closed,” do they still report as negative for the previous late payments?
    Other than the “Neutral” account and the 3 “Current Closed” accounts, I have 3 “Current Open” accounts (2 credit, 1 vehicle loan) which have never been late. I can only assume that either the “Neutral” account that says it was bought out by a collector, or the 3 “Current Closed” accounts under collectors are attributing to the negative reporting on my score. Should I dispute all of them to have them removed? Also, if I do dispute them, do I dispute through the actual company, or through each credit bureau?* (The Neutral account has no contact information whatsoever listed- no phone, no address.)
    Thank you so much in advance for your help!

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