the best low interest credit card?

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    hi, currently have bad credit but wanted to find low interest card for people
    in my situation.

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    good luck until you credit score get to at least 725 . Until then you pay through the nose The credit card industry is really going to be selective about giving out credit cards . even since President Obama sign into law ” Bill of Rights” . My advice to you is not to exceed your line of revolving line credit of 15% of your NET income . That means if you bring home $20,000 a year free and clear you lines of credit should be only $3000 only . remember you have other bills to pay house payment , cable , cell phone, food , medical . Creditors will look at this a positive and disciplined approach . If you get laid off and you able to collect unemployment . your unemployment benefits are half your pay so that means your ratio is of credit to income is now jumped up to 30% that not including other bills and obligations

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