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      So I have been doing some research and been digging around.* Hope this is the right board.* I am military about 6 month off deployment going overseas with my wife for 3 years and wanting to get a jump on fixing my credit so we can buy a house when we get back.* Well I had terrible scores, low 500’s when I started this game.* I signed with Lexington law and they have helped a good amount.* Well, last week, after spending hours on this site, I decided to cancel and take this on myself.* I have had two successful GW’s go through in one week and grabbed myself a Secured USAA AMEX as well as a Military Star Card.* Only two cards I have now.* Well, USAA gave me the their credit monitoring service for 6 months free and I have been using it very well.* Now the pull only EX.* My score is up 28 points this week with them.* I wanted to get some variety so I just signed up with TC’s 7 day free trial to check my TU.* They are showing I have a 701 score with a Grade of C and am ranked at 25%.* My question is, can this be accurate?* It seems their scale is off on TC, it ranges from 500-990.* Can anyone make sense off this for me please.* If I have left out any important info that can help, let me know.* Please excuse my ignorance as I am very new at this.* Any help would be greatly appreciated.*

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