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    I’m 25 going on 26 next month and my husband is 22 going on 23 next month…We;ve been married almost a year…He’s in the Military and he has drill weekends…I just had my third child three months ago…He has a full time job…He works 6 days out of the week…Sundays are his only day off unless he has drill…I’m a stay at home mom and have been since January of this year…I’m literally going CRAZY in my own house…I have no life….I or we have no friends so to speak…So anyways I try and tell him how I feel about things and either he doesn’t like what I have to say so he shouts and gets pissed at me or he more or less blocks me out….For a year now I’ve begged and pleaded him to do stuff with me and kids….I would love more than anything to spend time with him, but it’s like he has no time…I understand that he works, but we have no married life…We don’t do anything together as a couple besides go to wal mart to get food….If I want us to do something I more or less have to say this is what we are doing on this day and be ready….Like last month..I wasnted to take the kids to the zoo and I just said okay on this day this is what i want to do…He has no problem with this, but I just don’t understand why I always have to be the one doing the planning…We don’t go out and eat or to the movies or anything….He makes me feel like I’m unworthy…Today he was coming back from drill and I called him thinking he was still there…(this is like a 2 hour drive from where we are) And I asked him what he was doing “Oh I’m at the house right now” I was at his mothers house where he was supposed to meet me….You know I was sooo mad and more hurt than anything that he couldn’t call me and say….Hey I’m on my way home and I left early cause I was sick….He takes this guy that is in the military there every drill weekend…This guy has been bumming rides off my husband for almost a year now…They get up so early to be there that he stays at our house…I hate it and I’ve told my husband and it’s like it doesn’t faze none…He says that he’s a Petty Officer and it’s part of his duty…I said um no…It’s not your duty for him to stay the night at our house….He doesn’t clean up after himself and lef this spit bottle on my living room floor for me to clean up…My husband dips and he doesn’t make me clean that up!! They go to the bar or the state fair like they did today!! It’s hurts my feelings soooo bad that he does these things with his single no mannered friend!! I’ve told him…I would never go to the bar with out you because to me it’s not the same and it’s disrespectful to me….His repsonce is always I don’t mean to make you feel bad…My repsonse is I don’t understand why he can make time for that loser and not his family….I have a 4 year old in school and I have to take and pick her up and a 21 month old and a three month old..I’m at the house 24/7 cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and I get no credit for anything…I love him and want to be with him, but this lifestyle sucks really bad and I don’t know what else to do!! People say I need a hobby and it’s hard because he’s on second shift and it makes it hard cause we don’t hardly see eachother as it is….Am I a bad wife for asking to be aknowledged for months now and not receiving anything or am I just over reacting?? His mother says well that’s what his dad did to me..Leave me with the kids all the time….They shouldn’t even be married by the way that they act and I’ve told him I do not want a marriage like they have because they do not communicate and don’t even know when the other is off work….So please give some good answers cause I just want to cry from jailed in my own house all the time!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWERS IN ADVANCE!! 🙂

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