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      I am working on getting this judgement paid. *However, I went down to the court house and got copies of the paperwork- so I can make sure they didn’t do anything they were supposed to do (since it was a collection agency who sued me). *In the court documents, (and i got a copy), is a letter from the collection agency to me stating the date when they sent me first correspondence regarding the account BEFORE they took me to court. *Here is the timeline:


      -Maxed out a credit card and lost job (don’t remember what year).

      -Lost job and stopped paying on it- and then never paid it.

      -collection agency bought account

      -i ignored their letters

      -I received a summons to go to court

      -I never showed up because i had my head up my butt- and default judgement was entered.


      So the letter I copied shows:

      • Statement Date: *Jan, 24 2007
      • Date of Last Payment: *05/14/2003
      • Date of Deliquiency: *05/22/03
      • Purchased On: *09/21/2006

      Court Records Show Judgement was entered on: *05/2007



      I am in Michigan. *Collection Agency = Accet Acceptance. *SOL in Michigan is 6 years. *


      From what I understand- SOL begins once you stop meeting your obligations (in my case- stopped making payments- which was after last payment on 5/14/2003.)

      That was over 9 years ago. *Even though the collection agency purchased the account- doesn’t SOL go by the original date?- So it was only 5 years past SOL when the judgement was entered? *Am I correct?


      They served the papers correctly etc… *is there anything else I can do? *It seems like a time limit or something should be up- this is from 2003 and showing it will remain on my reports until 2014. *


      I need to get this off- so will pay it if need be (when i can come up with $7,000+). *Even as recent as last week they sent me a letter asking me to settle on the judgement (the collection agency). *Does the SOL start again if they sue me? *I’m getting confused- and just want to make sure they legally have the right to collect this.


      if anyone cares or needs for future reference- here is law concerning SOL for Michigan:

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